Charter Types

Worldwide Bareboat Charters

Catamaran Sailing Vacations, a division of The Catamaran Company offers yachts throughout the world to charter while also operating it’s own exclusive catamaran fleet in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.  A “bareboat charter   vacation ”  comes with sheets, covers  pillows, towels, galley equipment and the ability to set sail for normally 7 days without a professional captain or chef.  You act as the captain or you could ask the charter company to hire a skipper and chef on your behalf.  The charter guest normally arranges for provisions and beverages to be delivered to the yacht.  The charter guests normally cooks his own meals and sails to his destination of his choice.  Some qualifications are necessary depending on destination and charter guest is required to fill in a sailing resume and is not a complicated process. You can view over 2800 bareboats available to charter and multiple locations throughout the world, the most popular being The British Virgin Islands, BVI.

Bareboat Yacht Charters range from 35 ft. to up to 58ft in Bareboat charter.  Normally from 60 ft and up you are required to charter with professional crew that is hired by the Company or Owner.


Crewed Yacht Charters

Catamaran Crewed chartering is the ultimate choice for those would like to ease into sailing or for those who want to experience a larger catamaran. Catamarans over 60′ are usually only available with crew. However we can offer your all inclusive crewed yachts starting from 38.ft all the way up to 300 ft.

The “crew “on the catamaran will consist of a captain, cook, and deckhands and or Steward. The crewed catamaran can also consist of just the captain and chef depending on the size of the catamaran..

A crewed sailing vacation allows you to completely relax and take as much of an active part in the sailing of the catamaran as you wish. You’re at ease because you have a crew who, in addition to being your personal tour guides, they are looking after the catamaran, the meals and the cleaning. You’re on a floating resort where the scenery always changes, the food is prepared as you like it and you never run out of things to do.


Stateroom Charters

The Catamaran Company offers the widest selection of luxury, all-inclusive catamaran sailing vacations by the cabin, throughout the world. Sailing vacations by the cabin are the ideal opportunity for couples who want to experience the luxury of an all-inclusive sailing vacation on a beautiful catamaran for a fraction of the costs. By booking just a cabin, you can join other likeminded couples or you can bring along other friends to fill a portion of the catamaran and experience the ultimate in an all-inclusive vacation experience.

Just as you would with a cruise ship vacation, our stateroom packages lets you choose from a number of exotic sailing destinations, from Tahiti and the British Virgin Islands to Thailand and the Seychelles. But instead of traveling on a cruise ship with 3000 other people, you get to be up close and personal on your very own beautiful catamaran. Explore secluded beaches, snorkel among the most amazing reefs filled with sea life and enjoy exclusive service as your crew cater to your every need.

Our staterooms packages come with a skilled and knowledgeable local captain as well as a chef who prepares a meal featuring local island fare. From the great dining, exploring the local island hotspots, meeting new friends and enjoying a host of included onboard activities for a fraction of the cost of a crewed charter, it is easy to see why more and more people are choosing this best value in luxury yacht vacationing.

Day Sail Charters

We do offer day sail charter in Cancun, Mexico  aboard Gemini Legacy 35, Lagoon 440 and Lagoon 500.  If you are visiting Cancun, Mexico then it should be on top of your list to discover Cancun by Sea aboard one of these catamarans.  Charter the entire yacht for your private group or join others.  Snorkel, swim, tan and enjoy the great hospitality and scenery!

Built In Cockpit seating

Built In Cockpit seating


Catamaran Sailing School Charters