Lagoon 400-Charter Ownership - ( )

Caribbean & BVI
  • Passengers: 6
  • Length: 40
  • Type: Catamaran Sail
  • Yacht Year Built: 2013

Purchase a 3 Cabin/2 head Lagoon 400 Charter Ownership  Owner’s Version to own in The Catamaran Company charter fleet in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.  The ENTIRE program is Guaranteed for 3 years.  Get 6 weeks of usage per year and the ability to utilize the yacht exchange program on any catamaran throughout the world.

Charter the Lagoon 400 in Tortola, BVI with The Catamaran Company


Cabins 3

About the Yacht

The 2013  Lagoon 400 is the culmination of expertise since 1984. The keyword is balance: balance between the volume of the hulls and the performance, the saloon and the cockpit, the cabins and washrooms, the accommodation and the outdoor areas. The lines of the Lagoon 400, while remaining faithful to Lagoon principles, were inspired by the charm and elegance of the Lagoon 620, its flagship. Program Benefits
  • Fixed Monthly Income Regardless of Charter Activity
  • Zero Operating Expenses
  • Up to 6 Weeks of Boating Each Year
  • Professional Maintenance at No Cost to You
  • 3 Year Charter Management Contract
  • Alternative Revenue Sharing Program Available
  • In-House Financing Available
  • Contract Cancellable at any time you choose.

Charter Info

  • High Price: $492,988
  • Low Price: $399,000

Financial Overview

Lagoon Retail Price with Full Charter Equipment
  • $492,988
Charter Income Advance
  • (93,988)
The Catamaran Company Program Entry Price
  • $399,000
25% Down Payment
  •  $99,750
Loan Financed
  • $299,250

Loan Details

Interest Rate
  • 4.99%
Loan Amortization
  • 15 years
Your montly Loan Payment
  • $2,363

What you really need to know?

  • The entire program is GUARANTEED
  • Cancel or change to a Revenue Sharing Agreement at any time
  • Yacht is financed by and Owned by You from Day 1
  • You get up to $135,000 of Retail Charter Use of Your Yacht in BVI
  • All operating expenses are paid by The Catamaran Company
  • Book your own charters and earn 15%
  • Refer a friend to buy into the program and earn 1%
  • Want to self finance? No problem we will send you a check each month!
All information and amounts included in this webpage are not contractual and are for illustration purposes only. Until a purchase agreement and a management agreement are signed, all prices, terms and conditions are subject to change. *Call for specific hull pricing and details

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No Itineraries for this Yacht.