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Balearic Islands ( Spain)

Enchanting Catamaran Sailing Vacations in the Mediterranean – Balearic Islands ( Spain)

Mediterranean – Balearic Islands ( Spain) are some of the most popular vacation destinations in Europe. Ibiza and Majorca are some of the most celebrated islands in the chain and known for their scenic delights as well as their world-famous nightlife. The Catamaran Company features Balearic Islands yacht charter sailing vacations. Luxury bareboat yachts with crew will complement your sailing adventure as you island hop between these extraordinary islands.

Balearic Islands Yacht Charter: Customize Your Catamaran Sailing Vacation

The Catamaran Company features by the cabin catamaran charter sailing vacations in throughout the Mediterranean. The Balearic Islands beckon travelers from throughout the world with their exquisite beaches, unforgettable culture, and many other splendid attractions. You can customer your Balearic Islands bareboat yacht charter to suit your interests and idea of the perfect sailing vacation.

Palma, Majorca

Majorca is the largest island in the Balearic chain and its city of Palma is one of its most-visited locales. This sophisticated city is home to a Gothic cathedral and other lovely architecture. It’s a gorgeous place to anchor your bareboat yacht charter as you relax on the beach or enjoy the city’s charming café culture and fine restaurants.

Mondrago Natural Park, Majorca

Mondrago Natural Park is a coastal reserve that boasts some of the most turquoise waters you may ever witness. Cliffs perch over the enchanting sea and remote sandy beaches beckon vacationers who want to sleep in the sun for a while before returning to the sumptuous comforts of their catamaran yacht charter.

Dragon Caves, Majorca

If you want to get out of the hot sun for a bit, head to Dragon Caves near Porto Cristo. This cave system is one of Majorca’s most famous attractions besides its amazing beaches. The cave system features an underground lake that seems like it’s straight out of a fantasy movie.

Cabrera Archipelago

Be sure to set a course for your catamaran charter to the islands and inlets of the Cabrera Archipelago and its famous maritime-terrestrial national park. The perfect place to cruise or scuba, the sun-drenched isles of this archipelago are about six miles from the coast of Majorca.


The port of Mahon is a historically important and culturally rich city on the island of Minorca. The area is famous for its cafes and nearby resorts. Be sure to check out sites like the Fortress of Isabel II. Mahon is the perfect place to enjoy a dinner from a restaurant with views of the celebrated port.


Sun-kissed Formentera is an idyllic setting for beach lovers. Famous for its nude beaches, Formentera is more laid back than Ibiza, known for its vibrant nightlife. Be sure to check out breathtaking Trucadors Beach for some rest and relaxation in a postcard-like setting.

Aguas Blancas, Ibiza

Ibiza is home to about forty beaches. While each has its own unique character, Aguas Blancas is ideal for vacationers who enjoy swimming or wish to explore the caves and rugged coastline. You might also enjoy sipping some excellent Spanish wine aboard your yacht charter as you hug the coast in search of the perfect anchorage and beach to enjoy.


Possibly one of the sexiest islands on the planet, Ibiza is a must-visit location on your catamaran sailing tour of the Balearic Islands if you enjoy the clubbing. Ibiza’s clubs like Amnesia are among the most famous in the world. You can conclude your exciting Balearic Islands catamaran sailing vacation with an evening of all-night dancing at one of the hot beach clubs that draw pleasure seekers from around the globe.

The Balearic Islands are truly perfect for enjoying aboard a bareboat catamaran crewed by an experienced team from The Catamaran Company. Stunning beaches, scuba, and charming cultural attractions await you. For an unforgettable catamaran sailing vacation, be sure to keep this Spanish location in mind.

Balearic Islands Bareboat Yacht Charter: Sample Sailing Itinerary

Day 1: Explore the city of Palma

Day 2: Visit Mondrago National Park

Day 3: Explore Majorca’s Dragon Caves

Day 4: Island Hop, Cabrera Archipelago

Day 5 and 6: Explore Mahon and the island of Minorca

Day 7: Beach comb, Formentera

Day 8-10: Enjoy the beaches and nightlife of Ibiza


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