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Middle East Bareboat Yacht Charter: Customize Your Travel Itinerary

There are many sites in the Middle East that draw travelers from around the world. The Red Sea is home to incredible dive sites and luxury resorts, especially in the area known as the Red Sea Riviera in Egypt. From protected parks to tourist-friendly beaches, the attractions of the Red Sea will not disappoint you. In addition, if you prefer to sail to destinations like Dubai, you’ll find many world-class accommodations and unique cultural attractions that will make for a memorable vacation in the Middle East.

Dolphin Reef

Located in the Red Sea off the coast of Israel, Dolphin Reef is a renowned destination for animal encounters. Home to a wide array of bottlenose dolphins, the reef attracts many vacationers. Guided tours are available and the waters are extremely attractive to yacht charter vacationers who come to explore the coastal waters.

Ras Muhammad National Park

Ras Muhammad National Park is located at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula. Located within the tourist-friendly Red Sea Riviera, the park attracts many divers who come to explore underwater wrecks, caves, and coral reefs. The park also encompasses the islands of Tiran and Sanafir that are exciting destinations to explore.


Though smaller than Hurghada, the resort town of El-Gouna has its own sense of panache. The city boasts two marinas, golf courses, and luxury villas and hotels. El-Gouna caters to its tourist population with many exciting attractions like its outdoor theatre and aquatic activities. Be sure to visit the revered Culturama to witness ancient manuscripts and exhibits of Egyptian history.


The Egyptian city of Hurghada is a major tourist destination on the Red Sea. Loaded with aquatic centers, Hurghada is the ideal place to visit if you love water sports like snorkeling, scuba, and even sailboarding. Visitors also enjoy exploring the bazaars and marketplaces, which are great places to stock up with snacks for your catamaran yacht charter. If you plan to dive, be sure to check out incredible nearby shipwreck sites like Rosalie Moller and El Mina.

Marsa Alam

The tourist city of Marsa Alam is revered for its sun-drenched beaches on the Red Sea. Many scuba enthusiasts flock here to visit Samadai Reef, which is famous for its population of spinner dolphins as well as its corals. Marsa Alam is home to resorts that boast majestic views of the sea and mountains.


The city of Dubai is truly a testament to opulence with its world-class hotels that can easily be regarded as among the most luxurious in the world. Incredible restaurants and beaches also await visitors to this spectacular Middle Eastern City. Sailing through the waters off Dubai in your catamaran yacht charter affords travelers with majestic views of the city’s skyline with its towering hotels. If you have time to include Dubai in your Middle Eastern catamaran sailing vacation, you certainly should.

The Middle East and Red Sea region attract many yacht charter vacationers in search of sun and scenic attractions. Rich with culture and history, the tourist centers noted here can be visited aboard your bareboat catamaran yacht. Get away from you ordinary life to enjoy an extraordinary adventure. The Catamaran Company features affordable bareboat yacht cruises that will acquaint you with the many charms of this part of the world. Call to secure your yacht charter today.

Red Sea and Middle East Catamaran Sailing Vacations: Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Swim with dolphins, Dolphin Reef

Day 2-3: Explore, Ras Muhammed National Park

Day 4: Scuba, El-Gouna

Day 5-6: Explore Hurghada

Day 7: Scuba, Marsa Alam

Day 8-10: Explore Dubai


5 available charters


5 available charters

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