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Belize Yacht Charter

Enjoy a Belize Yacht Charter Catamaran Sailing Vacation

Belize Yacht Charter could be a vacation to a stunning array of scenic attractions that lure vacationers from all over the world. Belize is home to the world’s longest barrier reef in the West Hemisphere as well as tropical rain forests, pristine white-sand beaches, and a unique coastline filled with cays and lagoons that are perfect places to launch your scuba adventure. The Catamaran Company specializes in by the cabin catamaran charter to exotic destinations like Belize. Don’t just plan any type of getaway; enrich your life with a catamaran sailing vacation to Belize aboard a luxury bareboat yacht charter.

Yacht Charter in Belize: Customize Your Sailing Itinerary

For an unforgettable vacation to Belize, The Catamaran Company’s yachts with crew will transport you to Belize’s most extraordinary sites. You can design your ideal itinerary tailored to your favorite activities and filled with all the attractions you wish to see. Your Belize bareboat yacht charter is a luxurious way to experience the best of this extraordinary country and its enchanting scenery.

San Pedro Town

Located on Ambergris Caye, San Pedro Town is a great place to launch your scuba diving adventure. The Caribbean waters that encircle the island are famous for their underwater seascapes.

Ambergris Caye

Located off the coast of northern Belize, Ambergris Caye is surrounded by turquoise seas and is well-known for its gorgeous beaches with their fine white sands. Exploring the coast of the island is a must aboard your catamaran yacht charter.

Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker is an enchanting coral isle that is a popular anchorage for Belize catamaran sailing vacations. With its cafes and restaurants, it’s a great stopping off place for lunch. Many vacationers enjoy exploring the island by bike along its trail systems. On the other hand, beach combing may well be its most perfect pastime.

St. George’s Caye

Just eight miles from Belize City, St. George’s Caye is a must-see island for history buffs. As the site of a battle between the British and a Spanish Armada in the late eighteenth century, the caye attracts vacationers who are intrigued by its maritime history as well as its scenic attractions.

Belize City

As one of the most diverse countries in the world, Belize City is a melting pot of culture. The nation’s largest city, Belize City boasts a wide array of attractions for vacationers such as hotels, nightlife venues, and restaurants. Be sure to set aside time to visit the nearby Belize Zoo, regarded as one of the finest in the Western Hemisphere.

English Caye

Be sure to set a course for English Caye if you enjoy snorkeling. This world-renowned snorkeling site will impress you with its azure waters. There is also a lighthouse on the caye if you decide to dock to explore the terrain.

The Great Blue Hole

Located near Lighthouse Reef, the Great Blue Hole is a world famous marine sink hole that attracts throngs of scuba divers. Considered one of the most amazing natural attractions in the world, the Blue Hole is an incredible place to dive and explore with its clear blue water and tropical marine life.

While the interior of Belize is home to dense jungles and Mayan ruins, the cayes offer scenic splendor as well as cultural attractions. Your Belize yacht charter is the ideal base for your snorkeling and scuba excursions. Cruising around the cayes and coast affords amazing views of the lagoons and reefs that are like nowhere else in the world. For a memorable vacation, a Belize bareboat catamaran trip is sure to be an experience you’ll never forget.

Belize Charter Yacht Vacation: Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Explore San Pedro

Day 2: Cruise around Ambergris Caye

Day 3: Beachcombing, Caye Caulker

Day 4-6: Scuba Dive, Great Blue Hole

Day 7: Explore St. George’s Caye

Day 8: Snorkel, English Caye

Day 9-10: Explore Belize City

Considered one of the world’s most spectacular habitats, beautiful, ancient, mysterious Belize has the largest barrier reef in this hemisphere. With hundreds of unpopulated “cayes”, unlimited miles of protected sailing inside the barrier reef and legendary snorkeling, it is truly a cruising paradise.

Belize is a fascinating mix of ancient Mayan culture, British and Spanish colonialism, and advanced ecological planning. 3,000 year old limestone ruins and caves share space with rain forests full of jaguars, howler monkeys and toucans. English is the primary language, and Belizeans enjoy an enlightened government and thriving economy with a strong focus on ecotourism. Its natural beauty is now protected by preserves covering one third of the entire country. This commitment extends over most of the pristine turquoise waters that lie right under your boat.


27 available charters


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