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Catamaran Sailing Vacations in Cuba

Cuba is an enticing Caribbean Island that is located only 90 miles from Key West. With its tropical breezes and dazzling sunsets, Cuba and its surrounding waters are perfect for Cuba sailing yacht charters with the Catamaran Company, which specializes in catamaran sailing vacations around the world. Cuba is famous for its gorgeous landscapes, beautiful beaches, and vibrant cities like its capital Havana. If you are a professional in need of an escape from your 9 to 5 or just someone who loves to sail, a charter in Cuba will make for the rejuvenating Caribbean vacation you need.

Cuba Sailing Yacht Charters: Design Your 7-Day Itinerary

The Catamaran Company allows vacationers to design their travel experience, but if you have seven days to spare, you’ll find that a full week in Cuba will enrich your life culturally aside from the relaxation that such an experience affords. When customizing your Cuba catamaran sailing vacation, be sure to include some of the following Cuban destinations.


Legendary Havana is celebrated for its historical and cultural appeal. While one could easily spend a week exploring this huge city, the third largest in the Caribbean region, be sure to devote at least two days to experience some of the city’s most celebrated sites. Included in Havana’s must-visit attractions is the Old City, which is renowned for its cobblestone streets, glittering hotels, and restored buildings that date to the Spanish Colonial period. Other major attractions include the Capitolio Nacional, the five-mile seaside roadway known as El Malecon, and the Ernest Hemingway Museum. Be sure to enjoy Havana’s nightlife where salsa music and spicy Cuban food await you.


The center of Cienfuegos, a majestic seaside town on the southern coast of Cuba, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While exploring the town with its splendid architecture is a singular experience, its beaches are nothing short of paradise. Enjoy swimming and snorkeling as you soak up the Caribbean sun amidst warm trade breezes and swaying palm trees.


Located on the island’s southern coast to the east of Cienfuegos, the city of Trinidad beckons travelers on sailing yacht charters with its historic center and stunning natural scenery. Trinidad is a perfect stop on your catamaran sailing vacation and is popular among vacationers who enjoy scuba, snorkeling, and swimming. Simply cruising the waters off Trinidad promises impossibly blue waters and sights like nearby cays.

Cayo Largo

Located off the southern coast of Cuba, the breathtaking island of Cayo Largo is an idyllic stop for any yacht charter. Cuba boasts some pearls, but Cayo Largo is among its most enchanting setting. Water lovers can enjoy snorkeling to witness the amazing living coral reefs. The white sandy beaches are also postcard-worthy sights that you’ll never forget.

Jardines de la Reina

The Gardens of the Queen is one of the most exciting places to dive in the Caribbean. This natural marine park is 90 miles in length and up to twenty miles in width in some places. A major stop on most catamaran sailing vacations in Cuba, this park boasts incredible underwater seascapes with deep ravines and astounding wildlife like reef sharks and colorful tropical fish.

Be sure to consider other exciting stops along Cuba’s coast like the historically important Bay of Pigs or the green coves and tropical wildlife of Cayo Rico. With its unique culture, Cuba is unlike any other Caribbean nation. If you want to charter in Cuba, the Catamaran Company has access to these unforgettable Cuban destinations and more. If mojitos and Cuban sandwiches aboard a charter in Cuba sound good to you, be sure to plan your catamaran vacation right away!

Sample Itinerary for a Catamaran Sailing Vacation in Cuba

Day 1 and 2: Explore Havana

Day 3: Snorkel Cienfuegos

Day 4: Visit the Bay of Pigs

Day 5: Explore the cays of Trinidad

Day 6: Swim and snorkel Cayo Largo

Day 7: Scuba dive the Jardines de la Reina


85 available charters

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