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Take a Catamaran Sailing Vacation to Brazil’s Exotic Green Coast

Along Brazil’s coast south of Rio de Janeiro is a majestic emerald wonderland that is the stuff of story books and dreams of paradise. Brazil’s Costa Verde, or Green Coast, is marked by enchanting rainforest canopies and breathtaking tropical beaches. The Catamaran Company offers by the cabin charter and all-inclusive catamaran vacations to this stunning part of the world. Leave your world of high rises and office buildings behind to get in touch with one of the most amazing regions of the world. We promise-you won’t miss your desk one little bit!

Luxury Yacht Charters: Customize Your Brazil Catamaran Sailing Vacation

The Catamaran Company specializes in affordable luxury. You can create a travel itinerary that suits your tastes. Island hop or beach comb to your heart’s content. Enjoy unbelievably beautiful sunsets on deck as you sail from one Costa Verde destination to the next. This region is filled with dazzling scenic and cultural experiences that you’ll never forget. A yacht charter may very well be the best way to explore them all!

Angra dos Reis

Noted for its world-class luxury resorts and stunning beaches, Angra dos Reis attracts the rich and famous of Rio to its picturesque locale. Filled with deserted beaches, waterfalls, and rainforest trails, Angra dos Reis is an excellent jumping off point for your Brazilian catamaran sailing vacation along the Green Coast.

Ilha de Cataguases

Ilha de Cataguases is a breathtaking island encircled by emerald waters. Located near Angra dos Reis, this island is a popular anchorage for catamaran vacationers with its excellent swimming opportunities and sun-kissed beaches.

Ilha Grande

To visit Ilha Grande aboard your yacht charter is to step back in time. Its glorious terrain appears untouched as it must have appeared to the early sailors who found themselves passing its shores centuries ago. Half of the island is under the jurisdiction of the Ilha Grande National Park. Vacationers will find thrilling jungle treks and idyllic beaches. As the largest island in the region, you’ll want to spend more than a day here enjoying its scenic wonders.


With its colonial architecture, Paraty is a delightful stop for any catamaran yacht charter. Settled by Portuguese explorers in 1667, Paraty continues to exude historical charm and character with its cobblestone streets and centuries-old churches. In addition, the town boasts emerald waters along its coast and nearby waterfall to explore. This captivating town is sure to be a highlight of your Costa Verde yacht charter vacation.

Paraty Islands

Once you explore the town of Paraty, especially its city center, you’ll want to stay out in the bay to cruise from one island to the next. The Paraty region and bay contains more than sixty islands and islets. Many are only accessible by boat. You’ll find them to be pristine and filled with remarkable scenic vistas and sights. Be sure to soak up the cultural experiences of these islands too like the music, dance, and cuisine.

Ilha de Itanhanga

Ilha de Itanhanga is a popular destination for pleasure seekers with its rainforest-covered peaks and exciting nightlife. The island is majestic with pristine scenery. The rainforest stretches from the peaks right down to the sea itself. Boasting both scenic and cultural attractions, this island is a must-visit location on your Brazil catamaran sailing vacation.

Ilha da Gipoia

If you are a water sport enthusiast, be sure to add Ilha de Gipoia to your travel itinerary. The island’s beautiful waters are perfect for enjoying water skiing or swimming. The crystal waters of this island attract many vacationers. Once you visit, you’ll understand why so many flock to this charming Costa Verde destination.

A Brazil catamaran sailing vacation along the stunning Green Coast is bound to be among the most exciting travel adventures you’ll ever experience. Rolling verdant hills, rainforest treks, mighty waterfalls, and remote beaches await you. The Catamaran Company offers crewed yacht charters to this far-flung region. If you’re looking to get away from it all, look no further than Brazil’s splendid Costa Verde.

Brazil Catamaran Sailing Vacation: Sample Itinerary

Day 1-2: Explore Angra dos Reis

Day 3: Swim, Ilha de Cataguases

Day 4-5: Enjoy the sites of Ilha Grande

Day 6: Water sports, Ilha da Gipoia

Day 7: Sightsee, Ilha de Itanhanga

Day 8-10: Explore Paraty and its islands


104 available charters


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