Bahamian Travelogue By Charter Broker Annie Dufour

Exchange Gray Skies for Bahamian Sunshine
Away from the maddening crowd are tranquil waters, isolated beaches and quaint settlements to relax, unwind and find yourself again.
Recently our broker Annie Dufour chartered a trip aboard a Lagoon 450, one of the many boats available in our current spring break deals. She spent seven days making sure that it delivered the most amazing experience possible, and shared with us the highlights of her journey. Want to know how it went? Here’s a taste of what she experienced:
You’d expect eight to twelve people spending a week aboard a single boat to feel cramped, but aboard the Lagoon 450 it was a luxurious experience. We started out on our first full day headed towards Highborne Cay from Palm Cay Marina, about a six hour sail. The sun was shining, the weather was warm; it was like we’d been transported to a different world.
Captain Louis caught fresh lobster almost every night, which our chef used to make some of the most amazing dishes. On one night, he caught two lobsters so large that we could barely finish them!
We spent the first few days exploring and snorkeling. We were able to visit Exuma Park, Solider Cay Sea, Aquarium Reef, and Shroud Cay. The weather was perfect the entire time! We even had the opportunity to hike around Booboo Hill and take some amazing pictures. Along the way, we also saw Jonny Depp’s personal island.
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Kayaking up the mangrove channel at high tide, we found the most beautiful white-sand beaches. We were totally alone, without a single tourist in sight – just us, the sand, and the water.
On our last full day at sea, we sailed to Norman’s Cay to see a sunken plane, and later found a portion of open ocean to swim in that was shallow enough that we could stand up! Captain Louis caught a large grouper, and the Chef Suzette prepared a final meal that was so exquisite, it was like we’d chartered a five-star restaurant!
By the time we made it back to Palm Cay Marina on the last day, we were ready to live on the boat for good. The Lagoon 450 was so comfortable. We were treated to amazing views, delicious food, and exciting activities that made it feel like we were in a different world. We would have chartered another trip immediately, if we could.

There’s no reason why you should miss out. Did that sound like a trip you’d enjoy?

Have an experience you’ll never forget in
The Bahamas or aboard a Lagoon 450.


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