Let’s Cut To The Chase

Let’s Cut To The Chase – Why Should The Catamaran Company Be Your Worldwide Charter Broker?

At The Catamaran Company, we are the largest retailer of catamarans in the world. PERIOD! WE have sold more new Lagoon catamarans over the last decade than any other dealer anywhere on the planet. PERIOD! We are the #1 Lagoon dealer in world and the #1 Gemini dealer in the world. PERIOD! We have booked more catamarans at more companies than any other company in the Caribbean. PERIOD.  We are the largest operator of a catamaran-only fleet of the highest quality catamarans in the entire Caribbean. PERIOD!

For more than 25 years we have offered our clients the finest professional knowledge about catamaran charter vacations to ensure they are receiving the best experience for their vacation dollar. We were doing this when everyone else was concentrating on monohulls. Other charter brokers are just middlemen. Unlike us, they don’t have seasoned staff working with the fleet, working with the local operations and operators and getting to the bottom of the intricacies of the catamaran business. Why would you ever risk your vacation dollars with an outsider when you can work directly with the professionals? The answer is easy… you wouldn’t.

That is why we are launching of our new worldwide charter portal: Charter.catamarans.com. The Catamaran Company is taking decades of knowledge as an Operator to be your educated charter Broker from where you can book charter boats throughout the world with confidence! From our new website you can find any charter boat, available from any operator… from any destination, worldwide. And best of all, you will work with our seasoned agents so you can rest assured you’re getting the first-hand charter operation knowledge that an outside brokers could only hope to have.

We invite you to check out Charter.Catamarans.com and we look forward to working with you to find your next charter vacation.


Kimberly Lee

Charter Manager at The Catamaran Company


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